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A wonderful masala cloves
A wonderful masala cloves

A wonderful masala cloves


A wonderful masala cloves

Clove is considered to be the king of spices in our country (in our country). Cloves are used to make the spices permanent and fragrant. The cloves are also eaten in pan. Its intake opens up the throat and the cough stored in the chest goes out.

It is desiccant of diseases like digestive, bile killer, some heat, air pollutants, asthma, fever, indigestion, cholera, headache, hiccup and cough. Women use it in home remedies.
Let us also get information about the medicinal properties of Cloves.

Grind cloves, black peppers, pomegranate peels and gum – all equal quantities. Then add honey and eat this powder three times a day.

Pour cloves into the water and apply on the forehead and both of the anecdotes, the headache is cured.

Teeth Pain
Grind 4-5 cloves and heat it in water. Then rinse it in this water. Applying clove oil in the pain of a molar-tooth also provides a lot of relief.

Pouring one or two cloves in the mouth and stirring slowly after sucking slowly stops.


The amount of two roti is taken from the hot powder of cloves and the fever is removed. Eat this powder in the morning and evening.

Indigestion and gas
Grind two cloves and add half a cup of water and stir well. Then drink this water in a lukewarm form three times a day.

After closing the cloves in the water, it sits by coating on the cave. It also removes swelling of the lids.

Acetic acid
After meals, add two cloves in the morning and two evenings in the mouth. Acid will calm down in a few days.

Mash two cloves of honey with measuring three times a day. This gives the child plenty of comfort.

Take cloves, black peppers, peas and pomegranate peels by taking equal quantity and consume it. It removes frozen cough on the chest and makes breathing natural.

In a glass of water  add two cloves powder and two teaspoon of onion juice and after giving the patient, the disease of cholera is settled.

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